Kids/Adults Classes


In SOUMITA ART STUDIO regular classes and holiday workshops are held through out the year . Our classes are available for the kids of 4 years to adults. Our student's learn the different form of paintings using various mediums , such as water colour, oil colour, pencil shading, water colour pencil , acrylic and many more. They also learn various techniques of art, sketching, colouring and shading. Our each batch is small in number so that we can give personal attention to all our participants and guide them accordingly because we believe in "quality not in quantity". In the very first class we monitor the student in terms of drawing and colouring where he/she stands and then we plan the further pathway, how to go with the classes for each individual kid. because we believe all kids are different from each other. Regular homework is given to all the students every week , so that they practice the art work at home what they did in the class.
In Term break/ holiday classes our participants can learn various kind of decorative paintings and craft work such as glass painting, canvas painting, wine bottle decoration and many more , which they can use it for decoration purpose or use it as a gift item.

We at SOUMITA ART STUDIO get continuous positive feedback regarding the skills development of the kids and there passion for the art. to view Testimonials kindly follow our Facebook page

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